Is it possible to have two copies of the same emotion at once


Is it possible to have two copies of the same emotion at once
A few months ago I was reciting poetry in front of the class, and my heart started pounding. After 15 seconds or so, it felt like my breathing wasn't satisfying my need for air. I later realized that this must have been a panic attack, although I didn't realize I was at all nervous at the time.

Here's where it gets interesting. I have asthma and I take air supply very seriously, so I was conscious of getting scared by the problem with my breathing. This felt completely different from whatever subconscious thing was propelling the panic, since I only identified the panic based on physical symptoms.

That means that if my intuition is right, I must have had at least two distinct instances of fear in my mind at that moment, one conscious and one subconscious. Does that make any sense?

If it matters, I scored 126 points on the test and have mild Asperger's.
You cannot say you felt two different fears.Either the first emotion was anxiety and the second fear or in both cases the emotion was fear coming from different sources. As known emotions are bad and dangerous,the best way to get rid of emotions is to become emotionally indifferent as to your emotions. Since fully controlling yourself is quite difficult, try to control the emotions of other people and avoid their impact on you by trying to explain the current situation. You won't be able to control and understand your emotions unless you do it to others. The more you do it the more you will be able to suppress your own emotions. The reason is that it works.
Possible to feel a mix of feelings/emotions, yes.

And, emotions are not bad and dangerous. Incorrect evaluation of the situation produce the wrong emotion but that doesn't make emotions inherently bad or dangerous.

Suppressing them will just be a temporary "solution" before that starts to cause other issues.

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