Strange Dreams


Strange Dreams
Ever since I can remember I‘ve been having this dream about picking up the phone and being in the middle of an emergency and no body being able to hear me, responding or understanding. Or another form of the same dream is I am in a dangerous situation I scream but no one is around to hear me or I lose my voice.

I’ve been recently diagnosed with Autism but that didn’t describe the whole reason I was struggling to understand and communicate with people. So I looked into Alexithymia and it gave me a better perspective of what I was dealing with.

So this is the meaning of the dream, I try to understand my surroundings and I see danger but because I can’t cohesively express (because of mind blindness) what I am seeing people dismiss me and misunderstand me. The danger is never dealt with and the cycle continues. Which is extremely close to what I experience on a regular bases. I try to communicate and then I can’t predict peoples reactions and I completely miss the mark and in the end I am dismissed or misunderstood and most times I can’t fix it because I can’t tell when it went wrong.

I have to apologize for my grammar english is not my first language.
I experience another version of the same issue probably, for me it's difficulty showing and communicating my emotional needs (because I end up sounding too matter-of-fact), just I don't have this kind of dream. Not sure if you meant that by danger, though. Your case is a bit different with missing people dynamics in a different way from me maybe. What does the danger in the dream stand for?

PS: your English is totally fine.

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Alexithymia - emotional blindness - is a personal trait which affects roughly 10% of the population.

Alexithymia describes the difficulty of people to perceive and describe emotions of others and themselves. Most persons concerned are not aware about this deficit and usually they are just recognizing it in contact with others, especially close friends, within their family or their partner.

These pages should deliver additional information about Alexithymia and offer information for affected persons, relatives and generally interested people.